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To Nitrine, the world is her oyster - or at least, her tasty slice of pie. Gifted from birth with brains and abilities far beyond those of her fellow goblins (which makes her roughly as smart as a human being), she left her underground home to find fame, fortune, and other things. She is something of an inventor, with most of her inventions eventually blowing up (often that's actually what they're designed for). She rarely hesitates to lie, steal, cheat, fast-talk, backstab, betray, browbeat, sabotage, seduce, swindle, waylay, ambush or hoodwink anyone to further her goals - which generally involve having a good time.

They say that if you never stop learning, you'll never really get old. If that is true, Marelle's probably still an infant. Avid for knowledge in all its forms, she's been studying at 'the university' for who knows how long. She's already an expert on a vast array of subjects, both useful and trivial, but is usually not particuarily gifted in their application. She tends to be calm and reserved, but will speak up in the defense of sanity when things get out of hand. Which they often do in this house. Despite the obvious shape of her ears, she insists she is not a catgirl.

She's crazy.
Oh, you want to know more? Okay.
High elves are gracious, elegant, righteous and noble. Except Zintiel. Zintiel does whatever she feels like at any one time, which may range from saving kittens from a fire to robbing a bank and anything in between or beyond. She doesn't let herself be bound by rules, social conventions or laws of physics. She appears to act completely randomly at times, but she's more clever than she lets on.
The rivals
Morgana Honeydew
This halfling girl styles herself a great and powerful force of darkness. She is an insatiable consumer of all things new age and occult: crystals, candles, spellbooks, tarot cards, star charts, lava lamps. She goes as far as dyeing her hair black to look the part. Whether or not her witchery actually works is debatable.
She goes to the university, putting a machine-like dedication into her studies, barely ever even sleeping. Aside from that, she tends to take antisocial behavior to the point of generalized antagonism, so she doesn't have (or want) many friends.
Sister Mona Theist
A travelling nun who is a bit TOO enthusiastic sometimes. As a member of the Sisters of Holy Retribution, she is an active supporter of the zealous punishment of sinful acts. Which you wouldn't know just by looking at her sweet, starry-eyed, angelic mug.
Other characters
The neighbour
He lives across the hall, in the same building as the girls. Yep!
Kurt Stein
He's a regular guy, as normal as they come. Works a regular job, works out regularily, watches regular TV. His one claim to oddity is sort of liking Nitrine.
Sir Manfred Adalbert Portrind of Frownshire the Twenty-fifth
The girls' landlord, he's a tranquil, affable sort of fellow, except for the fact that he's in reality an ancient dragon, with all the size, strength, claws, teeth, fire breath and appetite for biped flesh that it implies. He just assumes the form of a biped to better move around inside his pantry ... I mean apartment building.
Leslie Audette
Just another student at 'the university'. His ambiguously androgynous good looks confuse and entice both men and women.
Cryptos the Omnipotent
While he's not REALLY omnipotent, Cryptos is an actual wizard, as well as a local big wig. He owns a lot of real estate and runs a successful fortune-telling and wish-granting business from atop his wizard tower.
Damian Twilam
An enthusiastic young man with dreams of adventure. Has sword, will travel.
A nefarious (and very tall) vampire from Morgana's imagination. Though she represents an "idealized" version of Morgana, the two are definitely independent entities.
Polly Theist
Sister Mona's Evil Twintm sister (both in the sibling sense). A celebrity in sorcerous circles, she has wide-ranging interests (both academic and financial) in mythology, folklore, mysticism, and the occult. She could be considered Bad Newstm.
Professor Tracy Ace
One teacher at 'the university'. Even those students who attend her classes aren't sure what she teaches. She is known to have a very tenuous connection with reality.
Gabriel Bannon
Despite being a pompous idiot jerk, or possibly because of it, Gabriel believes that he is privileged, gifted with awesome looks, intelligence, wealth, and muscles. So he considers it his duty to spread goodwill and justice wherever he goes. He also thinks he knows best what's good for people - better than the people themselves. This can lead to problems?
Omega, Scholar of Destruction
A dark wizard of the darkest darkness. Actually, his interest in destructive magic is purely academic, but that doesn't mean he's not a self-important jerkass. Zintiel says she blew him up.
Lady Wilhelmina Antoinette Portrind of Frownshire the Sixth
Or Minnie, as she prefers to be called. Sir Manfred's visiting niece is a young dragon girl who (scandal!) kind of prefers to stay in her (not-quite-perfect) human form. She is fascinated with bipeds and their way of life, but still has a lot to learn.
A rare fairy businesswoman, Puce owns the Rose-Tinted Glass, a bar sometimes frequented by the main cast. She is generally unflappable and businesslike, but can be a smartmouth. 18 inches tall. Very pink. Knows some magic. Likes socks.
Drake North (aka The Penguin Thief)
A career thief who's rather harmless, as criminals go. He suffers from a peculiar compulsion to steal only one specific type of thing. Unwitting party to Prism's experiments in romance.
Cee Bibras
A personable young woman who is preoccupied with her studies, fashion trends, and social justice. "Cee" might just be short for something and not her real name, but that's probably the only unusual thing about her. Probably.
Piercetec is a well-known tech company, specializing in robotics, AI, and other futuristic life-enhancing appliances. The fact that no one knows much about Pierce, its elusive founder and CEO, is probably nothing to worry about.
A quiet girl who sometimes goes unnoticed.
This Lord of Chaos's favourite pastime involves invading worlds with his armies of demons and reducing them to smoking ruins.
What is that? And is it cute or gross? ... the word adhorrible comes to mind.
She's not really a character in the story, but she shows up from time to time. A mascot of sorts (with the name to fit), she is your host and presents information and fun stuff about the comic.
The Bogmarsh Tribe
Griplen, Graplen and Groplen
Three goblins who may or may not be Nitrine's cousins. They are known to be not too bright and have weird yet distinctive speech patterns. They will basically do anything Nitrine tells them, but will revert to wanton mischief if left unsupervised.
King Crouton
The undisputed leader of the Bogmarsh goblins is both courageous and wise. Actually not that courageous. And not really wise at all. You know, he's not even undisputed.
Grand Vizier Reptilis
This smug snake of a Grand Vizier wants to be King in place of the King. The fact that he's already in charge of everything is no good reason to stop hatching twisted schemes and laughing maniacally.
General Bourrow
An old hardass soldier who faithfully serves Bogmarsh royalty, whoever that happens to be. He has survived countless battles, which is not the same as having won them.
The Land of Elves
Arlen Lutinàn
Zintiel's little brother is a laid-back, amicable young wizard. Well, he's still older than most of the non-elven cast. While no stranger to outlandish happenings, the girls' antics are a bit more than he's used to.
Seventh of eight siblings.
Commander Tares Lutinàn
The eldest of Zintiel's many siblings, Tares is a stuck-up meanie. Er, I mean, he's a proud military officer, dedicated to maintaining elven traditions and his family's honour.
Eldest of eight siblings.
Illena Lutinàn
The eldest daughter of the family, Illena is a beautiful, charming and generous soul. Just about everybody agrees that she is almost perfect that way. Some say she's TOO beautiful and TOO nice. But she can't help it, that's just how she is.
Second of eight siblings.
Trivine Lutinàn
Everyone agrees that Trivine is extremely beautiful. Everyone agrees that her older sister Illena is more beautiful, though. And that makes Trivine MAD. Trivine is a manipulative, bitter person. She delights herself in seducing men and tormenting people she doesn't like. She changes fiances almost as often as she changes dresses or hairstyles.
Third of eight siblings.
Cassean Lutinàn
Cassean was born a few years after Trivine, but that's a very short time to elves. So they grew up almost like twins. As an adult, he settled in a sort of protector role, avenging slights committed against his sister, whether real or imagined. Despite his bravado in this capacity, Cassean is an introverted and insecure kind of guy. He'd be pretty lost without his big sister, and doesn't have it in him to resent her leading him by the nose.
Fourth of eight siblings.
Lilas Lutinàn
Lilas likes nothing better than to sit and read a good book. None of that going to balls and socializing like the rest of elven society for her. Or not much, anyway. She can be shy, but is easy to get along with once you break the ice.
Sixth of eight siblings.
Revel Lutinàn
The youngest of the family, Revel is an enigma, even to her own parents and siblings. She always seems to be there whenever something interesting is happening. She always seems to know something you don't, but she'll only tell you if you need to know. Nobody really knows what game she's playing, but nobody really minds having her around (if they even notice she's there).
Last of eight siblings.
Xior Lutinàn
Xior had his time, in his youth, where he was headstrong and brash and adventurous, but now he's totally dedicated to his family and King. He is also one of a small group of elite archers, in direct service to the King. He is a firm, but kind father.
Valessa Rijiane
The quintessential elven lady, Valessa is perfectly versed in all forms of etiquette and protocol. She is a close confidante of the elven Queen, and a model to her daughters. But she also has a less boring side, and she's been known to spend her free time in completely different pursuits.
Crown Prince Lumigardo Altarmagon
This heir to the throne is definitely the manliest elf. His reputation as an invincible fighter and his ridiculously imposing stature tend to intimidate everyone. But he has a softer side if you get to know him.
Eldest of three siblings.
Princess Pulmatrah Altarmagon
While her older brother has a softer core under his rough exterior, this warrior princess is a metaphorical iron hand in a spiked steel glove. Disciplined and uncompromising, she expects nothing less than perfection from herself and her Kingdom's subjects.
Second of three siblings.
Prince Camambar Altarmagon
A prince of the royal house of the elf kingdom. He and Zintiel were engaged to be married, but over sixteen years ago she ran away on the eve of their wedding. Driven by his love, he's been pursuing her ever since, but without much luck. He seems to have a thing for birds.
Last of three siblings.
Ranica, Vellin and Deyce
This self-proclaimed "Cult of Chaos" is more of a Zintiel fanclub. These young elf girls idolize the Chaos Warrior and want to be just like her! Ranica is the most bossy, so she generally acts as leader. Vellin is smooth and cool, while Deyce is bubbly and chipper. All are trying very hard to be rebels.
A mysterious multi-coloured elf child who floated down from the sky to be adopted by Tares. Nobody really knows where she came from, but she's so sweet that everybody just accepts her presence.
Croissant's sister. The responsible sibling.

Puce's little brother who idolizes his big sister and wants to do everything she does but gets it subtly wrong.

The Berretts
A family of halflings: Trebor, the father; Ecila, the mother; and Regor, the young son.

The Honeydews
A family of halflings: Percival, the father; Nyleve, the mother; one estranged elder daughter; and Sydalg, the youngest child.

Tremaine Virox
A young rescue wizard for the dungeon game. Helpful! He could be called somewhat handsome, in a nerdy sort of way.

The Un-icorn
A spirit of spite and unbridled anger.

Chlorilin, Lucifer and Vertigo
A trio of teenagers who live in the future.

Marlin Sanlendemain
Fencer, musician, wizard, diplomat, adventurer... a true bard of all trades.

Samuelle Severin
A local actor of modest reknown, she runs a community theatre troupe and owns a boat.

You really don't want to know.

The Elf King
Reclusive and elderly (even by elf standards).

Carnior Berrett
Carnior Berrett is dead.

Dalph the Lesser
A halfling wizard of little renown.

The Brotherhood of Enlightened Arcane Researchers and Demiurges
An important group of important wizards taking important decisions about important topics.

Ghostly Bride
She hungers.

Elven border guards
They're not racist. May have been traumatized in the past.

Professor History
No one we know. Knowledgeable about various time periods.

Craze and Hater
Experienced Cavernball players, hand-picked to be on the winning team for their ability to obey commands without asking questions (or even talking at all) and their impressive stature (of about 4'5").

A mercenary
Some have taken to calling him Lackbuster, after the title of the page he first appears in - but this was only meant to refer to how he finds the job offered to him is lacking in violence, and thus uninteresting. Still, you can call him that if you want.

Lady Doom Fury
Who is she?

Jolly Bibras, Esquire
Human attorney, adept of the yuppie hippie lifestyle. Has a wife and daughter.

Eldritch Eldritch
Owner of Eldritch Motors, where Kurt works. Strangely, no one makes fun of his name.

Pink-haired hobo girl
Mysteriously magical!

Most recently seen tending the booth of Real Adventure Dungeon Quest.

A beefy sort of fellow.

Just... no.

The Prince's guards
There's an old captain and a young recruit. And some others. They serve the Prince, and chase Zintiel.

Police guy
His name's not Guy. He polices the law!

Tares's Manticores
There's ten of them, the absolute top elite af all elven military, or so we're told. They obey Tares only. They aren't actual manticores, though, just elf soldiers.
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Gabriel's flunkies
Just guys who hang out at the Fighter's Guild. They're buff and even dumber than Gabe, if you can imagine that.

Racing chicks
They appear once.

Pliskin Oleum Saltzman
If someone will buy it, he'll sell it. If not, he'll probably try to sell it anyway. That's just the kind of greasy guy P.O. is.

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