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Sir Manfred Adalbert Portrind of Frownshire the Twenty-fifth
the girls' landlord. He's a tranquil, affable sort of fellow, except for the fact that he's a dragon, with all the size, strength, claws, teeth, fire breath and appetite for biped flesh that it implies. He sometimes assumes the form of a biped himself to better move around inside his pantry ... I mean apartment building.

Appears in 33 pages

Lady Wilhelmina Antoinette Portrind of Frownshire the Sixth
Or Minnie, as she prefers to be called. Sir Manfred's visiting niece is a young dragon girl who (scandal!) kind of prefers to stay in her (not-quite-perfect) human form. She is fascinated with bipeds and their way of life, but still has a lot to learn.

Appears in 13 pages

Emperor Lucyan Silvester Brokenfang Tantamount Magnifique Luminary of Brightway the First
The ancient, gigantic, powerful, and above all extremely smug leader of the dragon race.

Appears in 5 pages

Dame Katrisha Barabelle Chaospear of Dromaxie the Third
While the dragon emperor doesn't really require any sort of protection, he likes having this strong, silent lady around to crush those who annoy him. Then he doesn't have to get his lovely smooth white hands dirty.

Appears in 3 pages

Baron Zedeon Athraxas Beaurubon of Halicornas the Ninth
Some dragons are hungry for meat. Some are hungry for gold, admiration, or peace and quiet. The baron here is hungry for power, pure and simple. Where most dragon's power comes from their own innate awesomeness, he always seeks out more than what he was born with, delving into secrets others dare not touch. So far the emperor still only finds him an amusing sidekick who occasionally has his uses, and absolutely not a threat... but someday... someday!

Appears in 3 pages

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