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Crown Prince Lumigardo Altarmagon
This heir to the throne is definitely the manliest elf. His reputation as an invincible fighter and his ridiculously imposing stature tend to intimidate everyone. But he has a softer side if you get to know him.

Appears in 32 pages

Prince Camambar Altarmagon
A prince of the royal house of the elf kingdom. He and Zintiel were engaged to be married, but over sixteen years ago she ran away on the eve of their wedding. Driven by his love, he's been pursuing her ever since, but without much luck. He seems to have a thing for birds. Third in line to the throne.

Appears in 18 pages

Princess Pulmatrah Altarmagon
While her older brother has a softer core under his rough exterior, this warrior princess is a metaphorical iron hand in a spiked steel glove. Disciplined and uncompromising, she expects nothing less than perfection from herself and her Kingdom's subjects. Second in line to the throne.

Appears in 7 pages

The Elf King, Bruminsten Altarmagon
Reclusive and elderly (even by elf standards).

Appears in 1 page

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