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The neighbour
He lives across the hall, in the same building as the girls. Yep!

Appears in 90 pages

Kurt Stein
He's a regular guy, as normal as they come. Works a regular job, works out regularly, watches regular TV. His one claim to oddity is sort of liking Nitrine.

Appears in 59 pages

Sister Mona Theist
A travelling nun who is a bit TOO enthusiastic sometimes. As a member of the Sisters of Holy Retribution, she is an active supporter of the zealous punishment of sinful acts. Which you wouldn't know just by looking at her sweet, starry-eyed, angelic mug.

Appears in 54 pages

A quiet girl who sometimes goes unnoticed.

Appears in 29 pages

Drake North (aka The Penguin Thief)
A career thief who's rather harmless, as criminals go. He suffers from a peculiar compulsion to steal only one specific type of thing. Unwitting party to Prism's experiments in romance.

Appears in 28 pages

Leslie Audette
Just another student at 'the university'. His ambiguously androgynous good looks confuse and entice both men and women.

Appears in 27 pages

Damian Twilam
An enthusiastic young man with dreams of adventure. Has sword, will travel.

Appears in 26 pages

Cryptos the Omnipotent
While he's not REALLY omnipotent, Cryptos is an actual wizard, as well as a local big wig. He owns a lot of real estate and runs a successful fortune-telling and wish-granting business from atop his wizard tower.

Appears in 20 pages

Cee Bibras
A personable young woman who is preoccupied with her studies, fashion trends, and social justice. "Cee" might just be short for something and not her real name, but that's probably the only unusual thing about her. Probably.

Appears in 18 pages

Gabriel Bannon
Despite being a pompous idiot jerk, or possibly because of it, Gabriel believes that he is privileged, gifted with awesome looks, intelligence, wealth, and muscles. So he considers it his duty to spread goodwill and justice wherever he goes. He also thinks he knows best what's good for people - better than the people themselves. This can lead to problems?

Appears in 17 pages

Special Agent Aiko Stabbington
Secretive government agent, partner with Agent Rowan. The two of them are technically junior agents, but their hypercompetence leads them to often be involved in matters above their pay grade. She was brought up from a young age to be the ultimate human weapon, but despite that she is friendly and laid back.
Unless she decides to get outrageous.

Appears in 13 pages

Special Agent Claudia Rowan
Secretive government agent, partner with Agent Stabbington. The two of them are technically junior agents, but their hypercompetence leads them to often be involved in matters above their pay grade. Calm, collected and resourceful, this genius-level intellect came up with a temporal manipulation device at the age of ten.

Appears in 12 pages

Professor Tracy Ace
One teacher at "the university". Even those students who attend her classes aren't sure what she teaches. She is known to have a very tenuous connection with reality.

Appears in 10 pages

Pliskin Oleum Saltzman
If someone will buy it, he'll sell it. If not, he'll probably try to sell it anyway. That's just the kind of greasy guy P.O. is.

Appears in 9 pages

Samuelle Severin
A local actor of modest reknown, she runs a community theatre troupe and owns a boat.

Appears in 9 pages

Some unnamed mercenary
He first appeared in a page titled "Lackbuster", to refer to how he finds the job offered to him is lacking in violence, and is thus uninteresting.

Appears in 7 pages

Jolly Bibras, Esquire
Human attorney, adept of the yuppie hippie lifestyle. Has a wife and daughter.

Appears in 6 pages

Omega, Scholar of Destruction
A dark wizard of the darkest darkness. Actually, his interest in destructive magic is purely academic, but that doesn't mean he's not a self-important jerkass. Zintiel says she blew him up.

Appears in 6 pages

Polly Theist
Sister Mona's Evil Twintm sister (both in the sibling sense). A celebrity in sorcerous circles, she has wide-ranging interests (both academic and financial) in mythology, folklore, mysticism, and the occult. She could be considered Bad Newstm.

Appears in 5 pages

Piercetec is a well-known tech company, specializing in robotics, AI, and other futuristic life-enhancing appliances. The fact that no one knows much about Pierce, its elusive founder and CEO, is probably nothing to worry about.

Appears in 5 pages

Guy Omni
Most recently seen tending the booth of Real Adventure Dungeon Quest, but who knows? Maybe he has exciting adventures of his own no one knows about.

Appears in 5 pages

Agent Theodore Garcia
Another junior government agent. He's not as skilled as Stabbington and Rowan, but I wouldn't count him out.

Appears in 5 pages

Tremaine Virox
A young rescue wizard for the dungeon game. Helpful! He could be called somewhat handsome, in a nerdy sort of way.

Appears in 5 pages

Eldritch Eldritch
Owner of Eldritch Motors, where Kurt works. Strangely, no one makes fun of his name.

Appears in 5 pages

Magical Hobo Princess Penny DeBris
Pink-haired hobo girl. Mysteriously magical!

Appears in 4 pages

President Athena K. Johnson
Current leader of the Human Nation. She is a politician, or she wouldn't have gotten to this post. It's not an easy job, but she does genuinely try to do good with what power (and limitations) she has.

Appears in 3 pages

The Fro-Mage
A rad mad spell caster
A funky rhyme master
He's so fresh it's scary
This ain't about dairy

Appears in 3 pages

Police guy
His name's not Guy. He polices the law!

Appears in 3 pages

Lutzi Rivend
Mistress of mental and elemental magic.

Appears in 2 pages

Lady Doom Fury
Ominous sky pirate captain.

Appears in 2 pages

Flowerpot Pomegranate Starkey Bibras
A far out mom.

Appears in 2 pages

Professor History
No one we know. Knowledgeable about various time periods.

Appears in 1 page

Steve L'Acier
A man, a mountain, a dwarf. Passionate about swords.

Appears in 1 page

Ezekiel Albatros
A pirate so attached to his money, he'd rather do a sidequest for you than pay for goods and services in the normal way.

Appears in 1 page

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