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Arlen Lutinàn
Zintiel's little brother is a laid-back, amicable young wizard. Well, he's still older than most of the non-elven cast. While no stranger to outlandish happenings, the girls' antics are a bit more than he's used to.

Appears in 137 pages

Cryptos the Omnipotent
While he's not REALLY omnipotent, Cryptos is an actual wizard, as well as a local big wig. He owns a lot of real estate and runs a successful fortune-telling and wish-granting business from atop his wizard tower.

Appears in 19 pages

Marlin Sanlendemain
Fencer, musician, wizard, diplomat, adventurer... a true bard of all trades.

Appears in 7 pages

Omega, Scholar of Destruction
A dark wizard of the darkest darkness. Actually, his interest in destructive magic is purely academic, but that doesn't mean he's not a self-important jerkass. Zintiel says she blew him up.

Appears in 6 pages

Eldritch Eldritch
Owner of Eldritch Motors, where Kurt works. Strangely, no one makes fun of his name.

Appears in 5 pages

Tremaine Virox
A young rescue wizard for the dungeon game. Helpful! He could be called somewhat handsome, in a nerdy sort of way.

Appears in 3 pages

Master Clermont Delagos
Master of the Academy, Thaumaturge Extraordinaire, Esteemed Advisor to the Royal Family, Keeper of Traditions, Not a Party Dude.

Appears in 2 pages

Dalph the Lesser
A halfling wizard of little renown.

Appears in 2 pages

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