$totalComics = 526; $titleStrip[] = "001. Ominous beginings"; $titleStrip[] = "002. The pictures only tell half the story"; $titleStrip[] = "003. Interviews: Mona-logue"; $titleStrip[] = "004. Interviews: True Colours"; $titleStrip[] = "005. Interviews: Not that hot"; $titleStrip[] = "006. Interviews: A lot to learn"; $titleStrip[] = "007. Interviews: Diamond in the crud"; $titleStrip[] = "008. Diamond in the crud, part 2"; $titleStrip[] = "009. Article 52c"; $titleStrip[] = "010. Pleased to meat you!"; $titleStrip[] = "011. Mysterious white-haired neighbour"; $titleStrip[] = "012. Shocking revelations!"; $titleStrip[] = "013. Well?"; $titleStrip[] = "014. Don't do this at home."; $titleStrip[] = "015. Hairy situation"; $titleStrip[] = "016. Deep Purple"; $titleStrip[] = "017. ARMOUR'd!!"; $titleStrip[] = "018. Amusing"; $titleStrip[] = "019. Real Dungeon Adventure Quest"; $titleStrip[] = "020. Jacqueline of all trades"; $titleStrip[] = "021. Stick that in your shoe and walk with it!"; $titleStrip[] = "022. That wasn't in the brochure!"; $titleStrip[] = "023. I am rubber, you are glue"; $titleStrip[] = "024. The needs of the few outweigh the annoyance of the one"; $titleStrip[] = "025. Level 1: Snot my fault!"; $titleStrip[] = "026. Level 2: What a crazy theory!"; $titleStrip[] = "027. Level 3: Unstable!"; $titleStrip[] = "028. Have a witchcrafty Halloween!"; $titleStrip[] = "029. Made from over 80% good ingredients"; $titleStrip[] = "030. The solution to every problem"; $titleStrip[] = "031. Level 8: Why do we continuate?"; $titleStrip[] = "032. Level 13: Our only hope!"; $titleStrip[] = "033. Defeat."; $titleStrip[] = "034. What's that smell?"; $titleStrip[] = "035. So that thing has a brain?"; $titleStrip[] = "036. Have a very Flaky Christmas!"; $titleStrip[] = "037. Another beginning"; $titleStrip[] = "038. Tactical Espionage Action"; $titleStrip[] = "039. I hear it's good for you"; $titleStrip[] = "040. Level 50: Mini-boss"; $titleStrip[] = "041. Dungeon's dragon"; $titleStrip[] = "042. Pipe dreams"; $titleStrip[] = "043. Fast and Forward"; $titleStrip[] = "044. Not what you expect"; $titleStrip[] = "045. Chivalry lives! For a while."; $titleStrip[] = "046. 99.7% Hentai-free"; $titleStrip[] = "047. Something that works"; $titleStrip[] = "048. Overkill"; $titleStrip[] = "049. Duh..."; $titleStrip[] = "050. Here we go again"; $titleStrip[] = "051. Can't or won't?"; $titleStrip[] = "052. I did it my way!"; $titleStrip[] = "053. It does stuff"; $titleStrip[] = "054. But we'll always have... the experience"; $titleStrip[] = "055. Into the sunset"; $titleStrip[] = "056. Have your pastry and eat it too"; $titleStrip[] = "057. To each her own"; $titleStrip[] = "058. If the suit fits..."; $titleStrip[] = "059. Is there anything it can't do?"; $titleStrip[] = "060. At least he puts on a trenchcoat"; $titleStrip[] = "061. Another day, another dullard"; $titleStrip[] = "062. This SUNDAY...SUNDAY...SUNDAY!";$titleStrip[] = "063. He said the D-word"; $titleStrip[] = "064. The hitch"; $titleStrip[] = "065. Engage!"; $titleStrip[] = "066. Just one fling"; $titleStrip[] = "067. Classy entrance"; $titleStrip[] = "068. That's usually considered a bad thing"; $titleStrip[] = "069. Shows promise but fails to grasp certain concepts"; $titleStrip[] = "070. Gee minus";$titleStrip[] = "071. A delicate art"; $titleStrip[] = "072. Human shield"; $titleStrip[] = "073. The perfect gentleman"; $titleStrip[] = "074. Mutual understanding"; $titleStrip[] = "075. Force of arms"; $titleStrip[] = "076. Oookay."; $titleStrip[] = "077. You and what army?"; $titleStrip[] = "078. Oh no you didn't!"; $titleStrip[] = "079. Oh, now he's pissed off!"; $titleStrip[] = "080. Free as a bird"; $titleStrip[] = "081. Indoor Battler Beta"; $titleStrip[] = "082. One ring to rule them all"; $titleStrip[] = "083. The neighbour strikes back"; $titleStrip[] = "084. Manly men duke it out mano a mano!!"; $titleStrip[] = "085. Captain L, the Lame Master"; $titleStrip[] = "086. Under a healing moon"; $titleStrip[] = "087. He has a name, you know!"; $titleStrip[] = "088. Must be a nice view from up there"; $titleStrip[] = "088 1/2. Croissant's Corner : Lip-smacking good!"; $titleStrip[] = "089. Merry Flaky Christmas!"; $titleStrip[] = "090. Midnight oil"; $titleStrip[] = "091. Greennecks!"; $titleStrip[] = "092. Can't think of anything else"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Whatever, Nitrine. You can sleep on the living room couch instead... What do you mean you used that in the construction too?!"; $titleStrip[] = "093. Greenshirts!"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="The Expendables are the soldiers. The title for an officer is Coward."; $titleStrip[] = "094. Duck and cover"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Hear no explosion... see no explosion... taste no explosion?"; $titleStrip[] = "095. NSFW"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Not So Fast, Woman!"; $titleStrip[] = "096. Your hatred has made you strong"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="What Nitrine is thinking: If punching one guy means Zintiel puts her hand on my shoulder... what'll happen if I go out and punch a hundred guys?"; $titleStrip[] = "097. True 'nuff"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="If they don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy."; $titleStrip[] = "098. Similar Interests"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Did you see the injectors on this one? Man, you could end world hunger with thingies that size!"; $titleStrip[] = "099. From the mouths of..."; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Her what? What?! Slavic knights? Slavering fanboys?"; $titleStrip[] = "100."; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="I'd like to MYSELF thank all my readers, and Bette Midler! Now I don't know if she's a fan, but there's no proof that she isnt!"; $titleStrip[] = "101. I think I see a pattern"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="I see! The second category is inventions that emit a brightly-coloured chibifying aura."; $titleStrip[] = "102. I think I see a logrus"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="But can she juggle FOUR goblins?"; $titleStrip[] = "103. Hungry for wyrm?"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Nooo... hungry for WYRD!"; $titleStrip[] = "104. That sinking feeling"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="This U-bend is particularily dolorous."; $titleStrip[] = "105. If you can't stand it..."; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Gesundheit!"; $titleStrip[] = "106. Scatter!"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="It's a wonder you didn't notice it on your way up!"; $titleStrip[] = "107. Anyone else would have been fine"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="I guess that explains how you were able to get all those parts even though you're broke, Nitrine. - I'm what? .... oh right, right! Broke, no money. Of course, hahaha."; $titleStrip[] = "108. I know something you don't"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="You can stop laughing now. Seriously. It's been what, ten minutes? Geeze, how can you even still breathe? I'll jus... be over there, okay?"; $titleStrip[] = "109. Pain in the neck"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Oh, Sir Manfred! Could you scoot over please, I have to wash the dishes. <3"; $titleStrip[] = "110. Tastes like chicken"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="The eater becomes the eated"; $titleStrip[] = "111. Be a man... sort of"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="You must be swift as a coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon, with all the strength of a raging fire, mysterious as the dark side of the moon."; $titleStrip[] = "112. Single-minded, half-witted"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="They wuz just lying around, I din' know they belonged ta anybuddy! If'n I knew, I'd a taken more stuff! Ah mean err..."; $titleStrip[] = "113. The little reveal"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="And isn't my room clean?"; $titleStrip[] = "114. The big reveal"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Fighting crime? Who cares about that? I'm talking SUPERPOWERS!"; $titleStrip[] = "115. The real reveal"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="So what do call you now? Super Nitrine? Nitringer Z? Mighty Goblin Prowler Anger? Bitchblade?"; $titleStrip[] = "116. Lockdown"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Nitrine is now completely defenseless... exposed... completely vulnerable... to TICKLING!"; $titleStrip[] = "117. Hot potato"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Looks to me like he's pretty focused."; $titleStrip[] = "118. Gone the weasel"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Ouch, Kurt. That balloon to the face must hurt."; $titleStrip[] = "119. Follow-up"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Attention, girls for whom the perfect date is going to the museum: Call me!"; $titleStrip[] = "120. Relative love"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="And if you see my dad, make sure you give him all that advice too!"; $titleStrip[] = "121. Boooooners"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Oh, and wings to fly, too."; $titleStrip[] = "122. The wording is important"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="You probably wouldn't have liked the cambrian era, either. Too damp."; $titleStrip[] = "123. A crowd"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Could this be the most pain Zintiel has inflicted since the comic started?"; $titleStrip[] = "124. Horme sweet horme"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Welcome, guys, to the Seconday Characters Club! Maybe next time it'll be YOU doing unrelated stuff in the background."; $titleStrip[] = "125. Croissant's Corner: Race for the taste"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Yes, I know! There's one more race missing! I mean, what -is- Croissant herself? Is that a tail she has?"; $titleStrip[] = "126. Catcalls"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="I suppose many men think of women in general that way?"; $titleStrip[] = "127. Gnawledge is Pawer"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Is this a book about birds?"; $titleStrip[] = "128. Mature solutions"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Note: Nitrine's breasts are smaller than Marelle's ears."; $titleStrip[] = "129. Expensive hobby"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Zintiel would be less likely to impulsively spend on weapons if she didn't walk around with a large bag of money."; $titleStrip[] = "130. Problem-solving"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="I guess my appartment number is now 'Gaping hole'"; $titleStrip[] = "131. Nuts of a different flavour"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Desert Eagle? That sounds like a pet name my fiance would give me."; $titleStrip[] = "132. One of the girls"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="SOMETHING is sad, alright."; $titleStrip[] = "133. Outlandish concept"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="You speak nonsense, girl! NONSENSE!"; $titleStrip[] = "134. Who's that girl?"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="It's not like there were actual furries RIGHT BEHIND ME IN THE BACKGROUND!"; $titleStrip[] = "135. Gallantry"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Wait... Are those the same guys as in the cafeteria?"; $titleStrip[] = "136. Yeah. She heard you."; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Do you hear that, Fezzik? That is the sound of ultimate suffering."; $titleStrip[] = "137. Doorhandling"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="I don't get the job, do I?"; $titleStrip[] = "138. But I know the answer!"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Too bad Marelle doesn't have a sister named Dee Dee"; $titleStrip[] = "139. Peacemaker overture"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Oh yeah... she called me names earlier, too."; $titleStrip[] = "140. Powerfully irritating"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="It doesn't help when you say out loud where you intend to punch someone."; $titleStrip[] = "141. Which one?"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Avast, Zintiel be needin' ta wear an eyepatch now. Arr. Scurvy!"; $titleStrip[] = "142. Revenge?"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Is Zintiel -trying- to sound like her brother?"; $titleStrip[] = "143. No can do"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Marelle is usually in favour of recycling, but this time she's happy the garbage can contained only empty cans and bottles."; $titleStrip[] = "144. Morgana's most wanted"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="That's only the very top of Morgana's list. It actually fills up a scroll several feet long."; $titleStrip[] = "145. Real weirdies"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Brownie points if you can figure out what everyone in this class aside from Marelle and Nitrine have in common. Even Leslie, even the teacher, even the last student that's not there yet. No, it's not that they're weird or freaks. Some of you should totally know right away, you know who you are, so don't tell the others!"; $titleStrip[] = "146. Clothes-made man"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="When Cryptos casts an invisibilty spell, the top of his hat stays visible because it's so far away from his body."; $titleStrip[] = "147. Scholarly pursuits"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="This teacher just sits in the room all day, waiting for students to stop by."; $titleStrip[] = "148. She's going to pay... attention."; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Teacher sense tingles!"; $titleStrip[] = "149. Certifiably special"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Ms Ace gives all students a randomly-generated grade"; $titleStrip[] = "150. That's HER opinion"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Some pirates have two hands and two feet (20), some have a hook hand (15), some have a pegleg (15), and some have a hook hand AND a pegleg (10)."; $titleStrip[] = "151. Fat chance"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Dun dun DUN..."; $titleStrip[] = "152. Work it out"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Nothing's ever good enough for those hippy yuppies!"; $titleStrip[] = "153. Trickster's Treat"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Boo!"; $titleStrip[] = "154. Like taking candy from a baby"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Zintiel is doing her part to fight child obesity"; $titleStrip[] = "155. Instrument of Justice"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Look away, little boy! This isn't going to be pretty!"; $titleStrip[] = "156. Flashback: The mystery of the juice"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Oh, Mona! Because of you, all the room mate candidates that came later had to go without refreshments."; $titleStrip[] = "157. She is for real"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Zintiel approves"; $titleStrip[] = "158. Aren't we forgetting something?"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Now Zintiel can start saying 'Whatever.' all the time, and wear lion-themed jewelry, and fight with a gunblade."; $titleStrip[] = "159. Stop startling me!"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="While Nitrine A breaks open and empties out the vending machine, Nitrine B goes to chat with Marelle and provide an alibi."; $titleStrip[] = "160. Evil creatativity"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Looks like your double is lacking your bright auburn roots, there, Morgana!"; $titleStrip[] = "161. You're both right"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Or maybe, Nitrine just doesn't like to share."; $titleStrip[] = "162. This comfort"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Let go of my handbag, Nitrine!"; $titleStrip[] = "163. Think about it"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Either that or genetic manipulation"; $titleStrip[] = "164. I knew it!"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="THIS JUST IN. Prism likes spying on Nitrine's butt?!"; $titleStrip[] = "165. Pots and kettles"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Mona's sword is obviously self-cleaning! Like... Zintiel's skin?"; $titleStrip[] = "166. It's all fun and games until someone loses a body part"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Sister Mona is reminded of the biblical story of Samson and Delilah, except... y'know... totally different."; $titleStrip[] = "167. Where's your fun now?"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Where's your god now?"; $titleStrip[] = "168. Santa's Little Hinderer"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="The contents of this bag are not stolen! Honest!"; $titleStrip[] = "169. Power-up"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Marelle hates fun as much as Nitrine hates knowledge."; $titleStrip[] = "170. Me & myself"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="I shall call her... Mega-Me!"; $titleStrip[] = "171. Mished and mashed"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="That's right, Nitrine! Because you don't know any catgirls."; $titleStrip[] = "172. Time to kick it up a notch"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="If you spotted the belt in panel 2 BEFORE you saw the transformation, give yourself a pat on the back!"; $titleStrip[] = "173. Rip-off"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Ten is the new thirty?"; $titleStrip[] = "174. It talks!"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="If you're thinking there's no harm in offing this Nitrine because it must be the copy, Morgana... I'm sure YOUR copy would be happy to hear it!"; $titleStrip[] = "175. Not a coy decoy"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Now the question is: did the existing Nitrine kick her new creation out in the open, or was it the rebellious creation that kicked the previous Nitrine out?"; $titleStrip[] = "176. Getting ready"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="What is UP with this woman, always interrupting battles to take a shower?"; $titleStrip[] = "177. Speed reading"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Maybe Prism is just flipping through books while making a weird scanner sound just to unnerve Marelle? Maybe? Right?"; $titleStrip[] = "178. Hey! She did that on purpose!"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Talk about too much of a good thing!"; $titleStrip[] = "179. Go time"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Girls, the moral of this strip is: Boys have good intentions, BUT THEY CANNOT READ YOUR MIND."; $titleStrip[] = "180. All for one"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Drinking this much goblin blood can't be good for you."; $titleStrip[] = "181. We can't have that!"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Nitrine is disappointed that Zintiel won't help her, but she's MORE relieved that Zintiel isn't going out on a date!"; $titleStrip[] = "182. Weighing options"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Alternate title: Bigger is better!"; $titleStrip[] = "183. Setting priorities"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="The neighbour did not pause his search for Marelle in order to board up the hole in his door! He did that earlier in the day."; $titleStrip[] = "184. In soviet Russia, wood knocks on you"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="All those books must have cushioned the impact!"; $titleStrip[] = "185. Secrets!"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Wait, you're trying to KILL me?"; $titleStrip[] = "186. Feeling lucky?"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Please drop them so I can blast you."; $titleStrip[] = "187. Destruction rains from the heavens!"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="This strip's title could have been 'Death from above' but no."; $titleStrip[] = "188. Good vs. misunderstood"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Evening the odds for an odd evening"; $titleStrip[] = "189. To the rest cue"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="But this is MY place..."; $titleStrip[] = "190. Beyond the realm of technology"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Nitrine's butt bends space and time"; $titleStrip[] = "191. Transcending history and the world"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="The TRRD is in trouble! Mighty Cthulhu will be ANGRY!!"; $titleStrip[] = "192. Ramble-rousing"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="The long-winded lecture already takes away the desire to steal from you, Cryptos."; $titleStrip[] = "193. Outrageous!"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Even I hadn't realized those two have the same hair until I drew this comic!"; $titleStrip[] = "194. Zing!"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="I'm sure I don't know what you mean, animal-thing."; $titleStrip[] = "195. Primed directive"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Where'd she get that knife all of a sudden?"; $titleStrip[] = "196. Wine and lemonade"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="One refueled on alcohol, the other is full of sugar. Bets are open!"; $titleStrip[] = "197. Miss taken identity"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Look, I have arm warmers too! Smooth, Leslie. Real smooth."; $titleStrip[] = "198. Invisible woman"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Earth to space cadet Leslie! Calling space cadet Leslie! Incoming egg... to YOUR FACE!"; $titleStrip[] = "199. Secret admirer"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="It's like they're playing ping-pong, using blushing as the ball!"; $titleStrip[] = "200. And now for something completely different"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Madness?! This is PASTRY!!!!!!"; $titleStrip[] = "201. Beware"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="If anyone was looking forward to seeing Nitrine FROLICK with her copies, she just lost any desire she might have had to do so. SORRY!"; $titleStrip[] = "202. Can't spell awesome without me"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="CONSIDER: Maybe the only real Nitrine is one of the copies"; $titleStrip[] = "203. Mu-tiny"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="So... which of Morgana or Moirganae is the real one?"; $titleStrip[] = "204. Taking control"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="That settles that question!"; $titleStrip[] = "205. Making the cut"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="What is it with Prism and looking at butts?"; $titleStrip[] = "206. Cheating death"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Believe me when I say... Marelle doesn't need thirty more lives. She'd rather just keep the one she has."; $titleStrip[] = "207. Doesn't she?"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="To say nothing of my sonic scream, metallic skin, and second pair of legs"; $titleStrip[] = "208. Over nine thousand"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Let's grind this town into the rock."; $titleStrip[] = "209. How silly of me"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Kurt lives in a fantasy world"; $titleStrip[] = "210. Have a seat"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Catgirl bondage!"; $titleStrip[] = "211. Parallels"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="You might have stopped trying to kill me, but you're still trying to piss me off on purpose, aren't you?"; $titleStrip[] = "212. Priorities"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Protect the innocent, or punish the guilty? DECISIONS! DECISIONS!"; $titleStrip[] = "213. It's a brand new day"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="It's a brand new day and the sun is high, all the birds are singing that you're gonna die"; $titleStrip[] = "214. Fic you!"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="And of COURSE it can fly, too."; $titleStrip[] = "215. Breakfast of champions"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Apparently Griplen, Graplen and Groplen haven't realized TVs today aren't like that anymore!"; $titleStrip[] = "216. Break out"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Nope, that building's nowhere near the girls' appartment, Sir Manfred is just that stretchy, that's all."; $titleStrip[] = "217. Have a fangtastic Halloween!"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="I wish you a Halloween that doesn't suck! ...unless it's blood. And more vampires than you can shake a stake at!"; $titleStrip[] = "218. Don't make faces like that"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Scared? Scared of what? Can you figure out what Marelle has figured out?"; $titleStrip[] = "219. I, Prism"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="But Prism! You only have to turn off your sound receptors and you won't hear the command! No. She can't do that. I mean, she's a killer robot, for crying out loud. Her creator was insane, not stupid."; $titleStrip[] = "220. Knight vs. knight"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Hey, aren't those people, like, from the mafia or something?"; $titleStrip[] = "221. Save steal"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Imagine Zintiel's disappointment when she finds out Mona isn't keeping track of how many people SHE saves!"; $titleStrip[] = "222. In extremis veritas"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Strip number times 3?"; $titleStrip[] = "223. Choke on this"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="That's what you get, Gabe, for eating right, exercising daily and being a total jerkface."; $titleStrip[] = "224. Tastiest, flakiest Christmas ever"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="With a cherry on top."; $titleStrip[] = "225. Guest comic - Aja from True Magic"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="The real gift is a new green couch to replace the old purple one!"; $titleStrip[] = "226. Deal with it"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Merry Christmas, Moirganae!"; $titleStrip[] = "227. Zhe power"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="So that's what happened! This weird vampire stole your power suit and destroyed the building, right, Nitrine?"; $titleStrip[] = "228. Sensitiiive"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Don't rub this kitty the wrong way."; $titleStrip[] = "229. Marelle's Law"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="All I'm doing is enabling you to live more easily in society and continue your learning without being a bitch."; $titleStrip[] = "230. Something not so different"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Just... you know... don't go gathering a group of all my room mates' arch rivals and start plotting mischief."; $titleStrip[] = "231. Pwned"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="It's just good that Mona and Zintiel were there to 'distract' you, or else these might have been the last 30 seconds of my life, right?"; $titleStrip[] = "232. Wrapping things up"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="I was hoping to keep using my super suit after this, but something tells me that's not a good idea anymore."; $titleStrip[] = "233. I hate you"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Happy Valentine's Day!"; $titleStrip[] = "234. Oh my."; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Like taking candy from babes?"; $titleStrip[] = "235. BFF"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Bitch Friends Forever!"; $titleStrip[] = "236. Selective memory"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Prism might not be trying to kill people anymore, but she can still glare at them like she's going to."; $titleStrip[] = "237. Just do it"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Nitrine's expression in the last panel of strip 227 NOW EXPLAINED"; $titleStrip[] = "238. OTP"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Ogglin' Those Pectorals"; $titleStrip[] = "239. Portentous ongoings"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Nothing like surreptitiously grabbing a butt or two after an adventure, right Nitrine? Even Morgana is starting to imitate you."; $titleStrip[] = "240. Pastry! Pastry! Pastry!"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="One day of your life you'll never get back"; $titleStrip[] = "241. Croissant's Corner: Deep inside the brittle crust"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="In the beginning, the Earth was made of flour, and lard. But the oven shone upon the sleeping Earth, and deep inside the brittle crust, tasty fillings waited to be relished."; $titleStrip[] = "242. Guest comic - The Bess Effect"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="One person's dream is another's nightmare?"; $titleStrip[] = "243. Guest comic - Alice from Two Rooks"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="First Law: You may not, through inaction, allow a sentient being to go unpleasured."; $titleStrip[] = "244. Restfulmania"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Sorry, sorry! I actually meant to break into the building next door, my bad."; $titleStrip[] = "245. Pain and no gain"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Those signs on the door aren't just for show!"; $titleStrip[] = "246. Kids these days!"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="You must be a burglar... either that or a ninja physician who does house calls"; $titleStrip[] = "247. Getting your feet wet"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Besides, I don't spend five hours a week waxing the hair off my feet to just hide them in shoes afterwards, thank you very much!"; $titleStrip[] = "248. Two for the price of one"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Nitrine! Hi... Great to see you, as always. Only... I don't remember having mentioned my work address?"; $titleStrip[] = "249. I think I'll turn it off now"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Nope, Morgana's not that dumb. But yes, she is that needy."; $titleStrip[] = "250. Plans unfold"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Nope, Kurt's not that dumb. But yes, he is that nice."; $titleStrip[] = "251. Always serious"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Baby, get it? As in B.B.? For Boyfriend's Boss? No?"; $titleStrip[] = "252. Personal space"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Aaaaw... they're becoming FRIENDS!"; $titleStrip[] = "253. Here we go again"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Now, be honest, Mona. Was it really Zintiel who started the fire, or was it YOU TWO FIGHTING that did it?"; $titleStrip[] = "254. Convince or convict"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="I'm kinda bummed, I can't find my stapler anywhere."; $titleStrip[] = "255. Door to discovery"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Next week on Flaky Pastry: OVERFLOW! the mysteries of the ninth bit."; $titleStrip[] = "256. Sneaky sneak"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Secret labs are the new trend in interior decorating. Everyone's got to have one!"; $titleStrip[] = "257. Should have seen that coming"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="What did she see in the parallel dimension? She saw beans, lots of beans, lots of beans, lots of beans. Oh, beans, lots of beans, lots of beans, lots of beans. Yeah!"; $titleStrip[] = "258. Where we're going, we don't need roads!"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Strange how this is not Nitrine's invention, yet the brightly-coloured chibifying aura is still present!"; $titleStrip[] = "259. Looking on the bright side"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Looking on the bright side is easy. I mean, look at her, she's so shiny EVERY side of her is the bright side."; $titleStrip[] = "260. In the future, there will be..."; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="They say Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months."; $titleStrip[] = "261. Ask and ye shall receive"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="No, you're not allowed to ask for THAT, Nitrine."; $titleStrip[] = "262. Things yet to come"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Though it doesn't explain why you're dressed perfectly for the fashion of this era!"; $titleStrip[] = "263. See you in the future!"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="We might not have won that battle if we hadn't had a mole in their ranks! Poor guy, he almost got molested out there. The fight itself was really rough, the bodies piled up at the end made up a veritable molehill! We made a bundle selling moleskin pants in the following weeks. Then we celbrated with nachos and guacamole."; $titleStrip[] = "264. Curiosity didn't kill her"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="So now you know the big secret that has been secret forever: Nitrine carries a switchblade."; $titleStrip[] = "265. Together, not with someone else"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Jealous?"; $titleStrip[] = "266. That one guy"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Maybe he moved out at some point, and became known as 'That guy across the city' instead? More probably 'ex-neighbour'."; $titleStrip[] = "267. Call to action"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="They're called Spectres and not Specters, because they hardly ever spect anything at all."; $titleStrip[] = "268. Invincible Evolution"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Elections? Ah, I must have forgotten about those... for the last few decades... my bad! No harm done, right?"; $titleStrip[] = "269. This is how we do it in the future"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="And this, my friends, is the only way to make smoking tolerable: if no secondhand smoke is produced! ...also if you've been to the future and know for a fact you won't die of lung cancer."; $titleStrip[] = "270. Psychological warfare"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Even in the weird distant future, some things never change."; $titleStrip[] = "271. Have a lively Halloween!"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="All we wanna do is eat your brains! We're not unreasonable. I mean, no one's gonna eat your pastries."; $titleStrip[] = "272. Warrior for peace"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Who needs therapy when you have giant robots?"; $titleStrip[] = "273. Fallback"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Ring ring ring ring ring ring mindphone!"; $titleStrip[] = "274. Heeeeere's the cavalry"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="You think THAT's scary? Think of the dentist bill."; $titleStrip[] = "275. Blitzkrieg"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Besides, your breath right now smells like chaos and lightning and goat cheese and... HAVE YOU BEEN SMOKING AGAIN?!"; $titleStrip[] = "276. Quick and easy"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="You didn't expect something sexual based on the title, I hope. ...You didn't, right?"; $titleStrip[] = "277. Reach out to the truth"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="I think I'll call this little robot... DEBR-E"; $titleStrip[] = "278. Time of your life"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="What exactly do you think 'keeping you company' means, Nitrine?"; $titleStrip[] = "279. Everything you wish for"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Humidity is rising / Barometer's getting low / According to our sources / The street's the place to go / Cause tonight for the first time / Just about half past ten / For the first time in history / It's gonna start raining gifts / It's raining gifts! / Hallejulah! / It's raining gifts! / Amen"; $titleStrip[] = "280. Not that there's anything wrong with that"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="I'm lazy with backgrounds, so don't pay too much attention"; $titleStrip[] = "281. Elevator talk"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Aren't you sweet, QUESTION MARK"; $titleStrip[] = "282. The strength of a cougar"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="That was a good fight, though."; $titleStrip[] = "283. The End."; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Tune in next week, same Pastry-time, same Pastry-channel!"; $titleStrip[] = "284. A wrong, wrong time"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="By 'right now' I actually mean 'right then'..."; $titleStrip[] = "285. A temporary distortion of reality"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Aw, isn't it cute how angry Nitrine thinks she can harm the neighbour? Though, with enough preparation she could seriously injure anybody. She's like a tiny, weak Batman."; $titleStrip[] = "286. Agree to disagree"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Either Nitrine just missed getting kissed by Zintiel, or she just missed getting undressed by the neighbour?"; $titleStrip[] = "287. No way to be sure"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="All other things being equal, the craziest explanation is usually the most interesting."; $titleStrip[] = "288. You should know these things"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Besides, can't you see I'm BUSY?"; $titleStrip[] = "289. Mystery of life"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Oh, I INTEND to."; $titleStrip[] = "290. Shock and stupor"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="She warned you back in strip 013!"; $titleStrip[] = "291. Business as usual"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="And that would be different from me... how?"; $titleStrip[] = "292. Fastlane"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="For sale: Used girlfriend. Compact and sporty. Not very reliable. Call Kurt. No reasonable offer refused."; $titleStrip[] = "293. Croissant's Corner: Food for thought"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Funny thing is... none of these are actually 100% false."; $titleStrip[] = "294. Epilogue"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Meanwhile, in the future..."; $titleStrip[] = "295. In media res"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Hey uh... mind if I borrow this for a while? ... No I uh, I guess you wouldn't."; $titleStrip[] = "296. Happy fifth Flakyversary!"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="And not a single missed update!"; $titleStrip[] = "297. All this for that"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Those damn wizards never clean their staircases."; $titleStrip[] = "298. This is how we do it"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="If Kurt had been reading the comic, he'd have seen this elevator once before!"; $titleStrip[] = "299. I like her but..."; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Here, you can have it back. I've already taken my fee for the consultation."; $titleStrip[] = "300. The comic without a name"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Yes, Daran says 'I'm pretty, okay?' She also says people don't usually see her. Did you? This is the first time anything clearly implies that Nitrine actually pushed the big red button. That's the neighbour's door she's staring at (not with the binoculars, there she's starting at something else entirely). The neighbour is implying Zintiel couldn't destroy the world intentionally, but may do it by accident. Daran likes the world not ending. Doesn't everyone? The neighbour is never referred to as such here, rather the girls are his neighbours. He and Marelle are watching a movie starring Sage Sparks. And they have stuff in common - you know what he means. And no, he doesn't know about Future Marelle and Zintiel. Leslie is not a womanizing jock. Leslie picked those roses because they're the colour of Daran's eyes. He's got a watch with two year displays. No millenium hand or eon hand, sorry. Yes, shinguards is an expletive. Yes, those two can see each other any TIME. Yes, she called him dad. No, her feet aren't touching the ground."; $titleStrip[] = "301. Five-four"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="He sounds like the neighbour talking about Marelle!"; $titleStrip[] = "302. Plot"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="This is the neighbour with bed hair"; $titleStrip[] = "303. Flexible hours"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, dragon-a-phone! It bites and crunches, I've got my hunches, it digests, eats the rest! Cellular, modular, biped-eating-odular."; $titleStrip[] = "304. A friendly reminder"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Not that Sir Manfred could actually swallow any of his tennants while he's in the sink ...unless he chewed very thoroughly."; $titleStrip[] = "305. Uniquely suited"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="None of them are wearing the same thing as anyone else. Their suits are unique. har har... but is that really true?"; $titleStrip[] = "306. The perkiest midget"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Apples are green, violets are blue. Our love is gay and so are you."; $titleStrip[] = "307. More like nineteen"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="I must have dozed off... I had the strangest dream where that old wizard guy came to knock on the neighbour's door."; $titleStrip[] = "308. It's that greatness that makes it great"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="AAAAAAAAARGH! ...What a nightmare! I preferred that dream where I was in the future, and Zintiel wanted to.... wait! no! That wasn't a dream! DAMMNIT!"; $titleStrip[] = "309. Baking soda and vinegar"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Explode! Explode! Explode!"; $titleStrip[] = "310. Hot and cold"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="That's when two people stand face to face and take turns punching each other until one collapses."; $titleStrip[] = "311. Not that cold"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="The ratings given out by Prism's Pulchritude Estimation Engine do not necessarily reflect the tastes of this webcomic artist."; $titleStrip[] = "312. Obscurely self-referential"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="By Prism's reasoning, herself, a rank B cutie, having nabbed a B+ boyfriend like that guy is pretty awesome. Surely a B- like Marelle couldn't possibly do better... Aw, hell. Can always defeat her in other categories."; $titleStrip[] = "313. The house that makes people go crazy"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Those old socks do smell a little funky, and I can understand you wanting to get out, but I don't know what you mean by calling that laundry bin a madhouse..."; $titleStrip[] = "314. Look out! Behind you!"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Startling Zintiel when she's standing right next to her weapon closet: bad idea."; $titleStrip[] = "315. The chase is on"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="No, his feet aren't touching the ground."; $titleStrip[] = "316. The best part of waking up"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="The last 315 strips were just a bad dream..."; $titleStrip[] = "317. Decent proposal"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="I bet that last bite had all the habaneros in it"; $titleStrip[] = "318. The means justify the end"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="And the blast of Kurt dropping the L-bomb gets immediately muffled by Nitrine dropping the other, different L-bomb"; $titleStrip[] = "319. Take it like a man"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="My apologies to all male readers."; $titleStrip[] = "320. I only know this one spell"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="The Omega Murder Butterfly might look like it's a lot of flashy lights for very little end result, but it actually ends up creating a tornado at the other end of the world!"; $titleStrip[] = "321. Don't wear it out"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Elven names from A to Z. Punches in the face from Z to A."; $titleStrip[] = "322. Of cats and bags"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="I wanted to tell you that I wanted to tell you that you're my most bonable friend"; $titleStrip[] = "323. Nitrine in Pastryland"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Off with her head!"; $titleStrip[] = "324. Mr Exposition"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="The trigger phrase is 'Would you consider it?'"; $titleStrip[] = "325. Creative cruelty"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Imagine... the loquacious exuberance"; $titleStrip[] = "326. She's still new at this"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Honesty is the best policy?"; $titleStrip[] = "327. Gloomy gloomy dark dark"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Way to help with the moving in, Morgana"; $titleStrip[] = "328. Doesn't this seem familiar?"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Clearly that could be ANY disheveled white-haired guy and cat-eared lavender-haired girl"; $titleStrip[] = "329. A typical"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="You're her evil twin, aren't you?"; $titleStrip[] = "330. You know... the OTHER one"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Aaaw, poor Nitrine... well, not so poor that she can't catch la bus!"; $titleStrip[] = "331. On the first day of Christmas..."; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Any time of day is a good time for a midnight snack"; $titleStrip[] = "332. On the second day of Christmas..."; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Oooh... look at all the pretty lethal lights!"; $titleStrip[] = "333. On the third day of Christmas..."; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Three french hens with french buns"; $titleStrip[] = "334. On the fourth day of Christmas..."; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="I have the POWER!!!"; $titleStrip[] = "335. On the fifth day of Christmas..."; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="The filling in these pies is LOVE"; $titleStrip[] = "336. On the sixth day of Christmas..."; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Please always be very careful when leaving fire hazards near your bed while you sleep."; $titleStrip[] = "337. On the seventh day of Christmas..."; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="You can tell how happy she is"; $titleStrip[] = "338. On the eighth day of Christmas..."; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Say cheese!"; $titleStrip[] = "339. On the ninth day of Christmas..."; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Happy new year, bipeds!"; $titleStrip[] = "340. On the tenth day of Christmas..."; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Here at Flaky Pastry we're always running on all cylinders"; $titleStrip[] = "341. On the eleventh day of Christmas..."; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Their devotion to their faith goes up to eleven!"; $titleStrip[] = "342. On the twelfth day of Christmas..."; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="It's even easier to lose your shoes when your feet aren't touching the ground"; $titleStrip[] = "343. Familiar faces"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="When she hangs out with her cousins, Nitrine is suddenly 'the tall chick'"; $titleStrip[] = "344. No refund"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="One deserves a vacation after a job well done."; $titleStrip[] = "345. Tragedy strikes"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="She can't have been gone long... the gum from her posters is still fresh - Ahem. Also we both saw her yesterday."; $titleStrip[] = "346. Unexpected turn of events!"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Hey, what did that orange ever do to you?"; $titleStrip[] = "347. Not up for discussion"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="KISS! KISS! KISS!"; $titleStrip[] = "348. No one I know"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Would it be okay, if, say, your life was in danger?"; $titleStrip[] = "349. If at first you don't succeed..."; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Haha! Short! Get it?"; $titleStrip[] = "350. But I had plans!"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Nothing says 'Let's be friends' like freshly-baked crescent-shaped breakfast rolls."; $titleStrip[] = "351. Unrivaled"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Maybe we should, like, get to know each other now."; $titleStrip[] = "352. Smooth operator"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="llergic."; $titleStrip[] = "353. Never say never"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Do you work in a pet shop?"; $titleStrip[] = "354. Princess of power"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Why mother! What long legs you have! - The better to kick you with, my dear."; $titleStrip[] = "355. Three pairs of hands"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Better not ask why she needs to be carrying the same backpack three times. Really. Just... don't ask."; $titleStrip[] = "356. Have we met?"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Would you feel safe going on a trip organized by Zintiel?"; $titleStrip[] = "357. You of all people"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Pleased to meet you, even though I already know who you are."; $titleStrip[] = "358. Side plot"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="You heard it here first! The world of Flaky Pastry has a west coast too."; $titleStrip[] = "359. Ixnay on the emeschay"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Elfgates: conveniently wide enough for a motor vehicle to drive through!"; $titleStrip[] = "360. Shimmernerydery"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Side effects may include discomfort"; $titleStrip[] = "361. Graaains"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Don't look at me, I don't know why she punches people in the face"; $titleStrip[] = "362. Say, that reminds me..."; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="City of LARPers!"; $titleStrip[] = "363. Insert title here"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="This goes on for about 15 minutes"; $titleStrip[] = "364. For dummies"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="I might not have followed your technique in every detail, though... My way may have included some punching."; $titleStrip[] = "365. Running wild"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Upside down. In a swimming pool. Full of jello."; $titleStrip[] = "366. Fury of doom"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Nothing ominous about that ship. Nope, nothing at all."; $titleStrip[] = "367. Doom of fury"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="It'd probably take a good ten minutes of sawing before that chipped old sword went through any vital part of her neck. Fun!"; $titleStrip[] = "368. Exclamation point"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="For our American friends, it should say 'Patrons must be level 21 or higher'"; $titleStrip[] = "369. Lackbuster"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Real Men don't not do violence"; $titleStrip[] = "370. Boundless enthusiasm"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="What time is it? Adventure time!"; $titleStrip[] = "371. They have no idea"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Never underestimate the usefulness of bringing a change of underwear when you're out adventuring!"; $titleStrip[] = "372. Beginstart"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="The Desertwaste, Cavegrotto, Canyonvale and Junglejungle tribes live much further away."; $titleStrip[] = "373. Random encounter"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="A wild SNOT appeared! Damian used Cut! It's super-effective!"; $titleStrip[] = "374. Victory fanfare"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Letting Damian handle all the snots by himself might not be the most efficient way, but it might be the most entertaining."; $titleStrip[] = "375. The carry-all what really carries all"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="If you're wondering how Marelle and Zintiel were planning on handling a long journey with such small luggage, then you're not allowed to ask! You lost that right by not asking before now! Haha!"; $titleStrip[] = "376. The other more dangerous game"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Well, if you don't want to eat it, can I use it as a teddy bear?"; $titleStrip[] = "377. Wake-up hold-up"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="I love the smell of kneecaps in the morning"; $titleStrip[] = "378. So you want to be a hero"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="This should be a cinch for a graduate of Famous Adventurer's Correspondance School!"; $titleStrip[] = "379. Smash hit"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Gomu gomu no punching bag!"; $titleStrip[] = "380. I am rubber, black and blue"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Someone once said love hurts, but you have to wonder how it compares to multiple hits from a sledgehammer"; $titleStrip[] = "381. Inspiration strikes"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="You have forgotten who you are and so have forgotten me. Look inside yourself, Damian. You are more than what you have become. You must take your place in the Circle of Life."; $titleStrip[] = "382. Did you hear something?"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Sooo... what was our quest again, anyway?"; $titleStrip[] = "383. About time"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Poor Arlen never gets to throw his fireball"; $titleStrip[] = "384. A long time ago, in a pastry far away..."; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="The neighbour shot first."; $titleStrip[] = "385. Infinite foresight"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Remember how she JUGGLED you and your two friends?"; $titleStrip[] = "386. Fun facts"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Riggers build machines, theoretically to make goblins' lives easier, but mostly just to see what they can come up with - and who can cause the biggest explosion. Diggers excavate new rooms for goblins to live in, as well as provide raw materials and unearth things like fossils, ancient artifacts of unknowable origins, and long-sealed evil gods. Filchers provide everything else a tribe might need, by stealing it from outsiders. Whackers perform violence against other goblins in intertribal wars or, in times of peace, as an important motivation tool for workers."; $titleStrip[] = "387. With friends like that"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="One more good thing to say about Nitrine is that she is not wasteful. If you were under a personality-altering spell, she'd definitely find a way to milk it for all it's worth."; $titleStrip[] = "388. Are we there yet?"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="No points for guessing what tribe they are from now."; $titleStrip[] = "389. Not for you"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Ladies, time for a diet! OW! OW!! I'M SORRY, I'M SORRY!"; $titleStrip[] = "390. What zappening!"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Notice how no one is suggesting they should just send Griplen by himself down to bring Nitrine out? Yeah. No one thinks that would work."; $titleStrip[] = "391. Gob bod mod"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="The return of the brightly-coloured chibifying aura!"; $titleStrip[] = "392. Three Flaky Women"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="That's no moon! It's a Flaky Pastry!"; $titleStrip[] = "393. Nice knowing you"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="He'll be just fine! I really mean it!"; $titleStrip[] = "394. Reassuring"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Fish print panties, Marelle? Really?"; $titleStrip[] = "395. Subtlety personified"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Marelle's still trying to hold her skirt closed against prying (non x-ray) eyes, just in case. Makes it difficult to climb down the tunnel, I imagine."; $titleStrip[] = "396. He's on to your tricks"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Better watch out, there, Griplen. He's not left-handed!"; $titleStrip[] = "397. By the way"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Yesh, pa. Sorry, pa. - I told you to call me Boss when we're working."; $titleStrip[] = "398. If the hat fits"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="For someone who reads so many books, Marelle doesn't seem to have much genre savvy"; $titleStrip[] = "399. I like toothpaste"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="So many things: EXPLAINED!"; $titleStrip[] = "400. Strange aeons"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Yergmat'k, the Horror from the Pits... also known as the Ancient Horror, also known as the Horror Without a Name, also known as the Horror Without a Title. Spreading its seventeen tentacles and its nine wings, it took off and swooped straight towards me at uncanny speed. It sucked me in with a powerful whirlwind from its third mouth, generated by twelve lungs the size of freight cars. I, powerless, was lifted from the ground. Tentacles wrapped themselves around me, and raised me up level with Yermat'k's one eye, which opened. I gazed into it... untold depths of evil and deceit, an ambition older than the universe itself. The tentacles held me tightly, there was no escape. The blood red glow of the Eye intensified, a low hum started, sure signs that the Horror was powering up its Techno-Vision (tm). The power that leveled the ancient city of Wahwa, that vanquished Gretmaron, the Secondary Horror... a power which nothing in this world could resist..."; $titleStrip[] = "401. Flakocracy"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Still better than some real-world leaders!"; $titleStrip[] = "402. Fair hearing"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="His hands are very steady."; $titleStrip[] = "403. Rule of three"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Let's split up, we'll cover more ground this way!"; $titleStrip[] = "404. I have no idea what you just said"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="You were talking about sports, right?"; $titleStrip[] = "405. What was that all about?"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Mushroom chips! I bet there's a market for that."; $titleStrip[] = "406. What do you know"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="An' thas not awll! If'n ya want, I can tell ya about da silvar, coppar, diamons, irun, plurtonum, papar curr'ncy, trav'ler's chex, bottul caps, postej stamps, werx ov art, p'litical prizners..."; $titleStrip[] = "407. All together now"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Don't pretend you're surprised!"; $titleStrip[] = "408. Space invaders"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="I mean, I'd remember if you'd told me!"; $titleStrip[] = "409. Call of duty"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="I don't think hitting it is going to help"; $titleStrip[] = "410. This is your brain on spells"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Still scrabbling for the high moral ground, there, Marelle?"; $titleStrip[] = "411. Don't ever ask that"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Everything's worse with Omega Murder Blast!"; $titleStrip[] = "412. Don't make that face"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="...or it'll stay that way! FOREVER!"; $titleStrip[] = "413. You and me both"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="I may have a conscience, but I have standards."; $titleStrip[] = "414. Like a really easy thing"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Like a piece of cake through butter"; $titleStrip[] = "415. Don't go there"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="That guy's a smug snake, with a lizard's grin. He's a unique specimen alright."; $titleStrip[] = "416. Labour lulls"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="We all know what you mean by 'kind', Marelle! ...now picture this page with Griplen's last two speech bubbles missing."; $titleStrip[] = "417. Game of domes"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="What do you mean, we didn't build it? We dug it up, it's ours!"; $titleStrip[] = "418. Shifty gear"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="And our other team mate is named Crater."; $titleStrip[] = "419. Anyone we know?"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Besides, your friends might win! ... ... haha, that's funny."; $titleStrip[] = "420. Not good"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="You look different. Did you do something with your hair?"; $titleStrip[] = "421. Team normal"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="You can tell they're intimidated when they start calling you names"; $titleStrip[] = "422. To those in the know"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="And this one turns the lights on and off"; $titleStrip[] = "423. Like things that stack"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Now you might think that the Cavernball stadium is bigger on the inside than on the outside... but the fact is it's really very big on the outside, too."; $titleStrip[] = "424. Still got it"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Eat lasers!... Everything's better with lasers."; $titleStrip[] = "425. Trollball"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Poor Arlen'll never get to throw a fireball!"; $titleStrip[] = "426. Run, Marelle! Run!"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Cavernball is da bomb"; $titleStrip[] = "427. Well done"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="If you see a movie reference here, then clearly you too are suffering from the madness."; $titleStrip[] = "428. DON'T PANIC"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Fetch the smelling salts!"; $titleStrip[] = "429. A dream, or maybe a vision..."; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Yes. Nitrine has a dirty mind."; $titleStrip[] = "430. The passenger"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Don't tell me... you came out of that thing's last diaper change?"; $titleStrip[] = "431. Cope raw light"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="So that's why Nitrine tends to be so pissy..."; $titleStrip[] = "432. Get out"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="One might say that the Vizier never actually lied... just... shamelessly left several very important details out"; $titleStrip[] = "433. I know the game and I'm gonna play it"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="That's it, no more floaty naked Nitrine! Time for form-fitting suit Nitrine."; $titleStrip[] = "434. Team awesome"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Awwww.... can't you just feel the love?"; $titleStrip[] = "435. The plan"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Uhm... exactly what are you looking at, Nitrine?"; $titleStrip[] = "436. Classy!"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Colour-coded for your convenience"; $titleStrip[] = "437. Need a hand?"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Saved by the ball"; $titleStrip[] = "438. Fighting words"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Oh, I'm sorry... were you saying something? You seem to have a foot in your mouth."; $titleStrip[] = "439. Can't let it go"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="I've been wearing gloves my whole life just to prepare for this moment!"; $titleStrip[] = "440. Flashback before your eyes"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Definitely put that code on the black list - Must never use. Then again, maybe we can subtly teach it to all new players, just in case they're dumb enough to try it."; $titleStrip[] = "441. The darndest things"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Like what, happy poems about butterflies?"; $titleStrip[] = "442. Moving up"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Well, clearly the hair growth formula didn't work. Or rather, it only worked on his eyebrows."; $titleStrip[] = "443. Not unstoppable, just unstoppered"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Incidentally, Reptilis can't read Italian. Especially upside-down."; $titleStrip[] = "444. Not the end of the world"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Help! We're stuck!"; $titleStrip[] = "445. Ouch"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Poor Reptilis doesn't know what to do... he's completely disarmed!"; $titleStrip[] = "446. That's all, folks!"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Nobody else wants to argue."; $titleStrip[] = "447. Banned aid"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="The old Nitrine wouldn't have cared whether he got healed or not, but not the new Nitrine!"; $titleStrip[] = "448. Spelled out"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Chaos means things can happen any time at all! There's no rule or explanation for it... it's whenever you feel like it!"; $titleStrip[] = "449. That's the end of that"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="One, two, three... SEVERAL Omega Murder Butterflies???"; $titleStrip[] = "450. Aaaww..."; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Ffffwhat? You'd love to what? Figure out the temperature in Celsius? Feel the fear in your enemy's eyes? Flip out like a ninja?"; $titleStrip[] = "451. Important decisions and so on"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="This is all very nice butt. The room isn't the only thing Biglarge!"; $titleStrip[] = "452. I just need to rule it"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="What a nice new outfit you have, your Majesty. The better to 'shoulder' the responsibilities of Royalty?"; $titleStrip[] = "453. Of two minds"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="I was really torn by this decision. Like, clean in half!"; $titleStrip[] = "454. Right for the job"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Just because it's true doesn't mean you should say it!"; $titleStrip[] = "455. Both hands on the wheel"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="The pained expression on my face is just because the joke is so bad, your Majesty."; $titleStrip[] = "456. A Queen's burden"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Wait! I forgot to pack my favourite curly straw. Let me just add it on top right heeere."; $titleStrip[] = "457. I almost forgot!"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Damian can't even grow a proper prisoner beard!"; $titleStrip[] = "458. Ins and outs"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="It's true that nobody asked him to stand guard! Making a suggestion you know will be accepted instantly and enthusiastically isn't 'asking'."; $titleStrip[] = "459. What time is it?"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Time for a little R & R! A little Rigging and Revenge!"; $titleStrip[] = "460. Go on..."; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Broadening your horizons with elven broads? You make the worst puns, Marelle. Shame on you."; $titleStrip[] = "461. Croissant's Corner: Truth preserves"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Meanwhile, all those millenia ago, the halflings... ... ... were farming away calmly, much like they've been doing continuously ever since and are still doing today."; $titleStrip[] = "462. It was a dark and stormy night..."; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="A good thing to say whenever a problem comes up! Relax, I'm a wizard."; $titleStrip[] = "463. Eyes of the storm"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="An unconscious mind, perhaps?"; $titleStrip[] = "464. Brawl lightning"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="On the contrary, it seems to be having quite an effect"; $titleStrip[] = "465. Pierce the heavens"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Who the hell did you think it was?"; $titleStrip[] = "466. Fun shapes"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="It's too early in the season for our swan-shaped pedalos. They only take them out in about a month or so."; $titleStrip[] = "467. Sufficiently advanced?"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="The geoperpendicular rotation of the cumulophile elixir nacelles provides a upward mobility field, while the sun's thaumic radiation is accumulated in the quartzian glimmerspike, and redistributed along the goldwood plating throughout the hull, enabling the locomage adept at the helm to release it gently and instill the appropriate hexaxial motion to the ship. Also, sails."; $titleStrip[] = "468. No, you!"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="That chart isn't just for readers' benefit, Arlen actually conjured it for his audience in-universe."; $titleStrip[] = "469. How is wiz you?"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="I had no choice. He made me cry."; $titleStrip[] = "470. Gates to another world"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="So they're racist? -- What? No, no, of course not... they're just being prudent, they... okay, they might be racist."; $titleStrip[] = "471. Have you been paying attention?"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="No, you're right, I wouldn't do it without a good reason. Such as, for example, if I felt like it."; $titleStrip[] = "472. Can't see the forest"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="We elves build our cities in harmony with the forest. -- Well we goblins are in harmony with the rock, too. I mean, we dig with harmonic detonators all the time."; $titleStrip[] = "473. Unpleasantly convenient"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="In the dark, no one can see that creepy face you're making"; $titleStrip[] = "474. That's a lot of exceptions"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Besides, I went and put on my fanciest 'Queen of the Goblins' outfit, I'd like to get some mileage out of it!"; $titleStrip[] = "475. I'm hooome!"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="When he says 'You've always been very polite and proper', he means Marelle."; $titleStrip[] = "476. Lead me not"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="I'm not saying there is any secret basement... just that if there is, it's filled with big red buttons."; $titleStrip[] = "477. Sister, sister"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Blue hair... golden eyes... teleports with a puff of smoke... OH MY XAVIER... Arlen is Nightcrawler! ... ... shaven."; $titleStrip[] = "478. Oh, brother"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Flaky Pastry! Raising the brow on humour since 2005."; $titleStrip[] = "479. Birds of a feather"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Dwarves have gold."; $titleStrip[] = "480. Filial catalog"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Relax, nobody will see us behind all those tall elves!"; $titleStrip[] = "481. Word gets around"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Royalty that you see in their pyjamas every morning loses some of its luster"; $titleStrip[] = "482. In-laws"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="No points for guessing who's the big brother"; $titleStrip[] = "483. Entitlement"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Seriously, girls? How could you not know? Haven't you been reading the comic since the beginning?"; $titleStrip[] = "484. Trial and terror"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Ia! Ia! Zintiel Fthagn! Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Zintiel R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!"; $titleStrip[] = "485. Triangulations"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Is she talking about Marelle and herself? Or is she using the Royal We?"; $titleStrip[] = "486. Princing around"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="So you mean 'terrible' in the sense of really scary, am I right?"; $titleStrip[] = "487. The Real Crustbusters"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Who you gonna call?"; $titleStrip[] = "488. Cold shoulder"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Your shoulders would be cold too, wearing a sleeveless top all the time!"; $titleStrip[] = "489. Go to your room"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="It took weeks to get the blood off the walls!"; $titleStrip[] = "490. Chaos Rising"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="And you, Trivine, are my favourite blonde sister!"; $titleStrip[] = "491. Literally figuratively"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Note that Trivine finds it more important to correct Zintiel on the title of her fiance than on his name"; $titleStrip[] = "492. Elven ghost story"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="I prefer fiery doom, myself."; $titleStrip[] = "493. Poppycock"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="You can't see it in the comic, but let me tell you, it's a really haunting song."; $titleStrip[] = "494. Bathe and switch"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Wasn't it supposed to only bewitch men, too?"; $titleStrip[] = "495. Have yourself a merry little Christmas"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="... From now on, our troubles will be miles away."; $titleStrip[] = "496. Catch me if you can"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Well what do you know! Elves DO have swan-shaped pedalos."; $titleStrip[] = "497. Swan song"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="What's that? You need a can opener?"; $titleStrip[] = "498. Shocking turn of events"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Cue everyone checking back on the last few pages to figure out where that sword came from."; $titleStrip[] = "499. The bit at the end"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="And that's why Future Zintiel has all her fingers"; $titleStrip[] = "500. Getting to know you"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Knock knock. Who's there? Leslie. Leslie who? Leslie Vrightnowbeforeanythingweirdhappens."; $titleStrip[] = "501. Lavender"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Little does Nitrine know, they washed her bedsheets as well."; $titleStrip[] = "502. Old-fashioned partners"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="He's a time-travelling technomage with no name! She's a cat-eared bookworm who can't die! They fight crime!"; $titleStrip[] = "503. Lost in the woods"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Maybe up to a few weeks, depending on the size of the library."; $titleStrip[] = "504. Donít change the subject"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="I bet you wanted to talk about that secret passage!"; $titleStrip[] = "505. Shifty"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="You can tell they're bad news because one is breaking a vase unprovoked and the other is smirking roguishly at a similar vase"; $titleStrip[] = "506. Take me to your leader"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Huh... maybe if she does marry that cheese guy, THEN I can be HER mistress..."; $titleStrip[] = "507. Too terrible to contemplate"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Sounds legit."; $titleStrip[] = "508. Booked solid"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="That should be enough for a start."; $titleStrip[] = "509. The start of a beautiful friendship"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Can I... can I touch them?"; $titleStrip[] = "510. That time when"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="I state this matter-of-factly and without exaggeration"; $titleStrip[] = "511. Expert advice"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="There's nothing you can do that can't be done. Nothing you can sing that can't be sung"; $titleStrip[] = "512. Sisters for life"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Supporting characters being supportive!"; $titleStrip[] = "513. The best of the best"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Whose blood is that, anyway?"; $titleStrip[] = "514. Telltale signs"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Tares. Do you seriously have only one set of clothes?"; $titleStrip[] = "515. As predicted"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="She just looks like a doomy kind of person"; $titleStrip[] = "516. Joy!"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="If it's not in a book, it doesn't exist!"; $titleStrip[] = "517. Let's go home"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Those healers sure know how to regrow fingers fast!"; $titleStrip[] = "518. Momís the word"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="How do those carriages turn around anyway?"; $titleStrip[] = "519. Meanwhile, not far from there"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="And you can call me Lumigardo. - Of course, your Supreme Highness."; $titleStrip[] = "520. Mom garde"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="She means herself"; $titleStrip[] = "521. Talk and swing swords at the same time"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="He once defeated one hundred orcs with his eyes closed, surely this inanimate ball of yarn should pose no challenge..."; $titleStrip[] = "522. That happens a lot"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="She always said 'Good night, Zintiel. Good work. Sleep well. I'll most likely kill you in the morning.'"; $titleStrip[] = "523. Unexpect the expected"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Sometimes, you need to approach challenges from a different angle."; $titleStrip[] = "524. Strike one"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Watch where you swing that thing, it could turn back on anytime!"; $titleStrip[] = "525. Boojump"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Come join us and flip out!"; $titleStrip[] = "526. Introgation"; $randomText = array("I'd also tell you to stop brazenly hitting on anything that moves, but I know that's a lost cause.", "I don't 'know' what you're talking about, Marelle.", "I guess her ears do look as much like a fox as they do a cat's..."); $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] =$randomText[rand(0,2)]; $titleStrip[] = "527. Almost had me there"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="What kind of apocalypse? Fangirl Apocalypse?"; $titleStrip[] = "528. Open up"; $randomText = array("Actually, you can still have plenty of fun in a post-apocalyptic world... ever play Fallout?", "Actually, you can still have plenty of fun in a post-apocalyptic world... ever watch Mad Max?", "By striving to ALWAYS be unpredictable, does one not become... predictable?"); $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] =$randomText[rand(0,2)]; $titleStrip[] = "529. Apocalypse warning"; $randomText = array("Anything else you want me to do? Juggle chainsaws, maybe?", "Anything else you want me to do? Cut her hair while she's asleep, maybe?", "Anything else you want me to do? Go bowling with a live grenade, maybe?", "Anything else you want me to do? Poke a grizzly bear with a stick, maybe?"); $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] =$randomText[rand(0,3)]; $titleStrip[] = "530. Mind over manners"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="You can play with your cousin Zintiel later. - But aunt Vaaaal..."; $titleStrip[] = "531. Round 2"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="What's the matter? What are you afraid of, Zintiel?! - I'm afraid I'm not annoying you as much as I could."; $titleStrip[] = "532. He speaks!"; $randomText = array("Wait, what makes you think he was talking about Zintiel?", "Got anything to say about Arlen, while you're at it, Tares? Just insult everyone in the room, while you're at it! YOUR MOM."); $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] =$randomText[rand(0,1)]; $titleStrip[] = "533. Can't let you do that"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="I'm betting on him"; $titleStrip[] = "534. So, there I was..."; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="It's almost like her mother is her biggest fan!"; $titleStrip[] = "535. Zintiel the wise"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="And eat your vegetables"; $titleStrip[] = "536. Ready steady"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Where'd his jacket go?"; $titleStrip[] = "537. Over the edge"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Do ghosts even have blood?"; $titleStrip[] = "538. Even death may die"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Zintiel is up to her old tricks! Her great old ones."; $titleStrip[] = "539. Of Chaos"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Suspiciously-specific denial?"; $titleStrip[] = "540. Cassean unleashed"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="If he ever loses his position as an Elf Nobleman, he can always apply for a job at the Ministry of Silly Walks"; $titleStrip[] = "541. Almost like the real thing"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="You have dishonoured your family."; $titleStrip[] = "542. Elf butt"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Point taken."; $titleStrip[] = "543. Spilling his guts"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="A complex situation."; $titleStrip[] = "544. Takeaway"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Of course! What am I, a Lord of Chaos?"; $titleStrip[] = "545. Christmas elves!"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Somebody close the door, it's snowing inside!"; $titleStrip[] = "546. Elven leave"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Godspeed!"; $titleStrip[] = "547. No strand uncurled"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Isn't Zintiel also kind of buff for an elf? Maybe her dad, too. And let's not get started on Prince Loomy. Y'know... who even says elves can't be buff, really?"; $titleStrip[] = "548. Look out below"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Ah, Second Lieutenant. Well done. Discreet and efficient as always."; $titleStrip[] = "549. It's not the size that matters"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Development time: Under one second"; $titleStrip[] = "550. One-upmanship"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="It's the Konami code all over again"; $titleStrip[] = "551. Let's split up"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Did he say 'Use lethal force if you feel like it'?"; $titleStrip[] = "552. Third-wheeling"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Hi there! Couldn't help but notice you two were about to kiss... mind if I join in?"; $titleStrip[] = "553. Redshirts"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Like Buster Bunny and Babs Bunny. No relation."; $titleStrip[] = "554. Apart of the action"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="At least they get more respect than Division 6: The Manticore's Butt"; $titleStrip[] = "555. Twist my arm why donít you"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="I'm not flirting, I'm researching!"; $titleStrip[] = "556. Practicality"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Pleasant surprises are fine, though."; $titleStrip[] = "557. Mindblown"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Free hugs! Get them while they're hot!"; $titleStrip[] = "558. How to deal"; $AltText[count($titleStrip)-1] ="Yeah, uh... Lilas? Telling Zintiel it could be dangerous... not helping."; ?> Flaky Pastry -

Friday, November 23, 2012

Flashback before your eyes
Posted by Falingard on Friday, November 23, 2012, 6:30 PM

Comic updated!
This week, on Flaky Pastry... we have a blast... from somewhere.

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