Friday, November 8, 2013

Featuring: Deyce, Marelle, Nitrine, Tares, Xior, Zintiel

Go to your room
Posted by Falingard on Friday, November 8, 2013, 6:30 PM

Comic updated!
This week, on Flaky Pastry... Another day goes by.

Hey! Next week I'm starting a little scene that I have had running through my head for a long long time. I think it was inspired by a dream originally, but it's hard to remember clearly now. It certainly predates the start of the comic by a few years! It's a little episode I am quite fond of, and I hope you guys will like it too!

This should take us all the way to page 500. FLAKY PASTRY 500! It's coming! This January! I made a little poll on deviantart, if you feel like trying to guess what it'll be about!

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