Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Featuring: Aiko, Marelle, Nitrine, Zintiel

Flaky Pastry celebrates 14 years of half-baked goodness!
Posted by Falingard on Wednesday, April 24, 2019, 12:01 AM

Happy pastry day to you! Happy pastry day to me! Happy pastry day to everybody! I suppose I can't be consistently surprised at having made it this far after so long. But still. Thank you to all of you, my readers! Your enthusiasm helps keep me going.

If you're new here, hello! This is just a silly comic I do for fun, but a lot of people enjoy it, so I must be doing one or more things right? Right??? Over 760 pages in the archives is daunting, I know! But please consider giving it a try! Here are some entry points you might consider...

  • The Picnic of DOOM (9 pages): Zintiel goes on a picnic with her siblings near a possibly-haunted lake. Inspired by a weird dream I had one time.
  • Drama (9 pages): Not actually dramatic. But it does involve amateur theatre... and a love triangle? I spent over a year doing little stories I called 'Slices', and this is a fine one to start with.
  • Curse of the Un-icorn: Overture (15 pages): Another Slice mostly separate from everything else. Three otherwise-minor characters go on an organized dungeon adventure. Currently just a satisfyingly-self-contained first chapter, but I plan to continue it someday!
  • Rivalkyries (116 pages): The entire 5th story arc of the comic... it's where the main trio meet and must contend with the rival trio. Surely the most epic story arc that the comic had seen at that point, as well as a good introduction to the characters.
  • Sprockets and Old Ones (one page; a 7000-word illustrated short story): The main characters and friends have a tabletop roleplaying session!
  • The Cast page is also a good place to look. If say you've read a few pages, and want to know how often a character shows up, you can click on their name or face and get linked to all the pages that character has appeared in.
  • The current story arc! (??? pages): The main characters return home after being away for a while, so there are hijinks and catching up before diving into new adventures. The art is obviously the best it's been so far, and if it all intrigues you, you might then want to check out...
  • The actual beginning! (ALL the pages): Honestly a really good place to start too.
If you like what you see, and want to keep track of further updates, or come talk to me and other fans, there are a number of ways to do that!
  • The Facebook page is probably the most active! It's closing in on 1500 likes, has a post every Friday when I update, plus occasional fun posts throughout the week.
  • The Discord server is a good place for hanging out and chatting about this and that. (If you find an invite link that doesn't work, it's probably expired - you'll probably find one that works on a more recent page!)
  • Twitter? I have one, but it's not used all that often. Partly because I still can't figure out if it's my personal Twitter or Flaky Pastry's Twitter? Anyway, I try to remember to post about the comic updating each time. But sometimes I forget! Not much else happens there.
  • The RSS feed. I don't even have to remember to update this one. It's automatic!
  • My DeviantArt page is updated sometimes, with art both Pastry-related and not! (I may have started drawing 81 hypothetical children of various Pastry characters combined, for example)
  • The wiki that fans have started is definitely a work in progress, but if that's your thing, help is welcome!
  • This message board has been around forever and still works, but honestly hardly anyone still uses it XD
  • Is TopWebcomics still relevent? Well, either way you can vote for Flaky Pastry on it if you want!
Of course, the really big milestone will be 15 years in 2020! I feel like I need to do something big for that... I don't know what, but I guess I have a year to think about it. Hope to see you all still around then!

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