What is Flaky Pastry?

I think most people already have an answer for that, but in this case, it's a webcomic. Formerly described as being about nothing in particular, it is more accurately about the unlikely adventures of three room mates: Marelle, Nitrine and Zintiel. They are joined by a vast irregular cast of characters from various corners of my imagination.

Flaky Pastry takes place in an undefined world. Take elements of Fantasy and Science fiction, sprinkle a dash of the real world, mix thoroughly, beat it into submission with a rolling pin, and bake for thirty minutes.

The stories feature prominently: silliness and situational comedy, with a healthy dose of adventure, action, romance and outright craziness. It may also include the occasional spoof, obscure pop culture reference or social commentary. But not so much of that last one.

I used to say: Updated, maybe, on saturdays. But the truth is, ever since the comic started, I've updated each and every week, usually on Friday evening, and a few times Saturday. A few times I had an extra update in the middle of the week, often Tuesday evenings. And you know? I pride myself on this regularity! Keep expecting updates around those times!

Who are you?

Behind the mysterious screen name Falingard hides (but not very effectively) Félix Lavallée. I'm an artist from Montréal, Qc, Ca. I make this webcomic because my head can't help coming up with characters and situations! If I could make a living this way, it would rock my socks right off.

I have another question!

I encourage you to ask it! The Forum is a good place. Or maybe e-mail: falingard@runningwithpencils.com

Art, Character and story Copyright © Félix Lavallée 2005-2024