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Zintiel Lutinàn
She's crazy.
Oh, you want to know more? Okay.
High elves are gracious, elegant, righteous and noble. Except Zintiel. Zintiel does whatever she feels like at any one time, which may range from saving kittens from a fire to robbing a bank and anything in between or beyond. She doesn't let herself be bound by rules, social conventions or laws of physics. She appears to act completely randomly at times, but she's more clever than she lets on.

Appears in 438 pages

This Lord of Chaos's favourite pastime involves invading worlds with his armies of demons and reducing them to smoking ruins.

Appears in 26 pages

What is that? And is it cute or gross? ... the word adhorrible comes to mind. Once Baliver's punching bag, now living a much more low-key life as Nitrine's pet.

Appears in 22 pages

Baron Zedeon Athraxas Beaurubon of Halicornas the Ninth
Some dragons are hungry for meat. Some are hungry for gold, admiration, or peace and quiet. The baron here is hungry for power, pure and simple. Where most dragon's power comes from their own innate awesomeness, he always seeks out more than what he was born with, delving into secrets others dare not touch. So far the emperor still only finds him an amusing sidekick who occasionally has his uses, and absolutely not a threat... but someday... someday!

Appears in 10 pages

Ghostly Bride
She hungers.

Appears in 3 pages

Lady Doom Fury
Ominous sky pirate captain.

Appears in 2 pages

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