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Nitrine K. Grendeer
To Nitrine, the world is her oyster - or at least, her tasty slice of pie. Gifted from birth with brains and abilities far beyond those of her fellow goblins (which makes her roughly as smart as a human being), she left her underground home to find fame, fortune, and other things. She is something of an inventor, with most of her inventions eventually blowing up (often that's actually what they're designed for). She rarely hesitates to lie, steal, cheat, fast-talk, backstab, betray, browbeat, sabotage, seduce, swindle, waylay, ambush or hoodwink anyone to further her goals - which generally involve having a good time.

Appears in 466 pages

King Crouton Mowton Grendeer
The undisputed leader of the Bogmarsh tribe of goblins is both courageous and wise. Actually not that courageous. And not really wise at all. You know, he's not even undisputed.

Appears in 8 pages

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