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Zintiel Lutinàn
She's crazy.
Oh, you want to know more? Okay.
High elves are gracious, elegant, righteous and noble. Except Zintiel. Zintiel does whatever she feels like at any one time, which may range from saving kittens from a fire to robbing a bank and anything in between or beyond. She doesn't let herself be bound by rules, social conventions or laws of physics. She appears to act completely randomly at times, but she's more clever than she lets on.

Appears in 437 pages

Arlen Lutinàn
Zintiel's little brother is a laid-back, amicable young wizard. Well, he's still older than most of the non-elven cast. While no stranger to outlandish happenings, the girls' antics are a bit more than he's used to.

Appears in 168 pages

Commander Tares Lutinàn
The eldest of Zintiel's many siblings, Tares is a stuck-up meanie. Er, I mean, he's a proud military officer, dedicated to maintaining elven traditions and his family's honour.

Appears in 43 pages

Cassean Lutinàn
Cassean was born a few years after Trivine, but that's a very short time to elves. So they grew up almost like twins. As an adult, he settled in a sort of protector role, avenging slights committed against his sister, whether real or imagined. Despite his bravado in this capacity, Cassean is an introverted and insecure kind of guy. He'd be pretty lost without his big sister, and doesn't have it in him to resent her leading him by the nose.

Appears in 41 pages

Trivine Lutinàn
Everyone agrees that Trivine is extremely beautiful. Everyone agrees that her older sister Illena is more beautiful, though. And that makes Trivine MAD. Trivine is a manipulative, bitter person. She delights herself in seducing men and tormenting people she doesn't like. She changes fiances almost as often as she changes dresses or hairstyles.

Appears in 39 pages

Lilas Lutinàn
Lilas likes nothing better than to sit and read a good book. None of that going to balls and socializing like the rest of elven society for her. Or not much, anyway. She can be shy, but is easy to get along with once you break the ice.

Appears in 38 pages

Valessa Rijiane
The quintessential elven lady, Valessa is perfectly versed in all forms of etiquette and protocol. She is a close confidante of the elven Queen, and a model to her daughters. But she also has a less boring side, and she's been known to spend her free time in completely different pursuits.

Appears in 32 pages

Xior Lutinàn
Xior had his time, in his youth, where he was headstrong and brash and adventurous, but now he's totally dedicated to his family and his King. He is also one of a small group of elite archers, in direct service to the King. He is a firm, but kind father.

Appears in 28 pages

Illena Lutinàn
The eldest daughter of the family, Illena is a beautiful, charming and generous soul. Just about everybody agrees that she is almost perfect that way. Some say she's TOO beautiful and TOO nice. But she can't help it, that's just how she is.

Appears in 22 pages

Revel Lutinàn
The youngest of the family, Revel is an enigma, even to her own parents and siblings. She always seems to be there whenever something interesting is happening. She always seems to know something you don't, but she'll only tell you if you need to know. Nobody really knows what game she's playing, but nobody really minds having her around (if they even notice she's there).

Appears in 16 pages

Iodile Lutinàn
A mysterious multi-coloured elf child who floated down from the sky to be adopted by Tares. Nobody really knows where she came from, but she's so sweet that everybody just accepts her presence.

Appears in 7 pages

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