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Morgana Honeydew
This halfling girl styles herself a great and powerful force of darkness. She is an insatiable consumer of all things new age and occult: crystals, candles, spellbooks, tarot cards, star charts, lava lamps. She goes as far as dyeing her hair black to look the part. Whether or not her witchery actually works is debatable.

Appears in 83 pages

She goes to the university, putting a machine-like dedication into her studies, barely ever even sleeping. Aside from that, she tends to take antisocial behavior to the point of generalized antagonism, so she doesn't have (or want) many friends.

Appears in 73 pages

Sister Mona Theist
A travelling nun who is a bit TOO enthusiastic sometimes. As a member of the Sisters of Holy Retribution, she is an active supporter of the zealous punishment of sinful acts. Which you wouldn't know just by looking at her sweet, starry-eyed, angelic mug.

Appears in 66 pages

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