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Arlen Lutinàn
Zintiel's little brother is a laid-back, amicable young wizard. Well, he's still older than most of the non-elven cast. While no stranger to outlandish happenings, the girls' antics are a bit more than he's used to.

Appears in 168 pages

Cryptos the Omnipotent
While he's not REALLY omnipotent, Cryptos is an actual wizard, as well as a local big wig. He owns a lot of real estate and runs a successful fortune-telling and wish-granting business from atop his wizard tower.

Appears in 31 pages

Marlin Sanlendemain
Fencer, musician, wizard, diplomat, adventurer... a true bard of all trades.

Appears in 16 pages

Baron Zedeon Athraxas Beaurubon of Halicornas the Ninth
Some dragons are hungry for meat. Some are hungry for gold, admiration, or peace and quiet. The baron here is hungry for power, pure and simple. Where most dragon's power comes from their own innate awesomeness, he always seeks out more than what he was born with, delving into secrets others dare not touch. So far the emperor still only finds him an amusing sidekick who occasionally has his uses, and absolutely not a threat... but someday... someday!

Appears in 10 pages

Tremaine Virox
A young rescue wizard for the dungeon game. Helpful! He could be called somewhat handsome, in a nerdy sort of way.

Appears in 8 pages

Lutzi Rivend
Mistress of mental and elemental magic.

Appears in 8 pages

A rare dwarf wizard. Very old and knowledgeable. Very rarely drunk.

Appears in 7 pages

Omega, Scholar of Destruction
A dark wizard of the darkest darkness. Actually, his interest in destructive magic is purely academic, but that doesn't mean he's not a self-important jerkass. Zintiel says she blew him up.

Appears in 6 pages

Eldritch Eldritch
Owner of Eldritch Motors, where Kurt works. Strangely, no one makes fun of his name.

Appears in 5 pages

The Fro-Mage
A rad mad spell caster
A funky rhyme master
He's so fresh it's scary
This ain't about dairy

Appears in 5 pages

Master Clermont Delagos
Master of the Academy, Thaumaturge Extraordinaire, Esteemed Advisor to the Royal Family, Keeper of Traditions, Not a Party Dude.

Appears in 4 pages

Dalph the Lesser
A halfling wizard of little renown.

Appears in 3 pages

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