Friday, March 15, 2019

Featuring: Nitrine, Reptilis

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Posted by Falingard on Friday, March 15, 2019, 6:30 PM

This week, on Flaky pastry... happy 15th!
Just in case you're having trouble reading my left-handed handwriting, here's what it says:

Your Fluorescent Majesty,
It is with great mirth that I bring the following tidings to your notice. As you are aware, perhaps you know that soon will take place near you, in the Human Nation, the COWL (Conference Of World Leaders).
As is coztumary, the Goblin Tribes have convened of a representive to send to this elephantine event. As the usual selective method [random chance] would have it, this great honour and duty falls to you, my cork. The great and monumental title of 'Shortstraw' is bessotted upon you for the duration of the occasion.

If you STILL can't read it... I can't say I blame you!

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