This page is mostly a collection of links to other things I do that aren't directly related to Flaky Pastry. Because I really do other things! Sometimes.

Jogging My art blog! Currently updated a couple of times a week, it contains mostly pencil sketches, with the occasional CG piece, and on rare occasions something else.
My DeviantArt Gallery I fill my DeviantArt gallery almost exclusively with reposts of some of my favourite pictures from Jogging (see above), but there they do benefit from deviantArt's framework of comments, favourites, update notifications and such.
Outrageous Child Assassin Aiko A 24-hour comic, done on 24-hour-comics-day, October 7th 2006. It was my first 24-hour-comics experience, and it was a positive one! The art is obviously not up to my usual standards, but I'm really pleased with how the story turned out!
Outrageous Teen Assassin Aiko The ongoing, yet seldom-updated sequel to the above. Set five years later, Aiko and friends have gotten older, wiser, and XTREMER. In the spirit of the original, the story is created one page at a time, without any planning. How it will end no one knows!
The Chicken Sagwa (I mean Saga) A pretty crazy comic jam some then-coworkers and I did a few years back. I still think back to it fondly after all this time! Links to the websites of the other contributing artists found within (some of them have comics in my Links page).
The Adventures of Mona Theist A short (very short) comic I did I think in 2002, where you can learn a little more about a character which appeared in Flaky Pastry ...a few times.

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